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Poultry Victoria Area

$1,500 · Chiken coop

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Large chicken coop -easy for transport as it comes apart in sections Custom built, strong and sturdy -Can fit 10 birds and has everything you need for chickens !! Comes with an indoor light Has a heater for the coop in winter. Has a roosting bar with a ledge underneath for sand/paper etc to keep it clean. 2 nesting boxes inside Tin roof on coop and nesting boxes. One large window, 2 vents Painted inside for easy cleaning. Large easy access door for cleaning the coop, you can also stand inside. The chicken coop door comes with an automatic OMLET door. So no need to let them out in the AM or lock them up in the PM. 2 settings on the door for closing options. The run underneath the coop is covered and the other part of the run has a large roosting bar for the hens. THE LARGE ATTACHED RUN It's spacious with room for hens to run around. Inside it has 2 tires , 2 pots a picnic table, logs a ladder , a mirror, a xylophone and more for the hens. The run can also be covered with a tarp to protect from the elements. One large door for easy access to clean it. The chicken coop/run also comes with a large covered metal feeder, comes with a large heated water poultry fountain for winter and a regular one for summer/spring. Comes with extra buckets for things like a dust bath and many more extras!!!

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May 16, 2024
June 15, 2024
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