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Helping People and Their Pets at Rock Bay Landing 
"For people experiencing homelessness pets provide purpose"

Caring for a pet on the streets adds another set of challenges to an already challenging life. But for people experiencing homelessness, pets provide purpose, a sense of security, and the unconditional love and connection that’s often lacking in their lives. That’s why Rock Bay Landing allows residents with pets — one of the few shelters on Vancouver Island to do so. 

Tadgh O’Connell was planning a school project on giving back to the community when his beloved dog passed away. He decided that the best way to honour his pet’s life was to support Rock Bay Landing and the people and pets it serves. Tadgh designed and sold colourful, pet-themed stickers, and donated the $500 proceeds to the Cool Aid Pets in Need Fund. This special fund helps residents care for their pets, by providing food, grooming services, and veterinary care. 

Thank you so much, Tadgh, for the inspiring work you’re doing to care for people and their pets!