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All categories Victoria Area
victoria_bay (6)
Panasonic Lumix DC S5K Mirrorless Full-Frame camera body thumbnail image
Panasonic Mirrorless Full-Frame Camera. It is practically a new camera. It is in the top mint condition. It has less than 1.5K shutter count. The c...
Ad Id:40684876
Posted:April 22, 2024
Cello 4/4 made in Germany thumbnail image
Amazing vintage full size cello made in West Germany in mid of 20 century. Beautiful quality spruce top has a lovely resonance tone. It is easy to pl...
Victoria Area
Ad Id:39358089
Posted:January 18, 2022
Beautiful full size acoustic violin with builtin electric sound pickup thumbnail image
This bright acoustic-electric violin sounds and looks very impressive while playing alone or connected to the speaker. The cord and carbon bow are inc...
Ad Id:40027502
Posted:April 13, 2023
Two Panasonic DMW-BLF19(E) batteries thumbnail image
Aftermarket batteries compatible with Panasonic DMW-BLF19(E). They were slightly used but not anymore since I sold the camera. It fits Panasonic GH3...
Ad Id:40364002
Posted:October 10, 2023
Copy of Antonius Stradivarius Faciebat Anno 1716 thumbnail image
Vintage full size violin made in Germany. It has a label Copy of Antonius Stradivarius Faciebat Anno 1716 This typical label could be found on ...
Victoria Area
Ad Id:39380120
Posted:February 1, 2022
Full size violin by Roderich Paesold thumbnail image
Beautifully made violin by Roderich Paesold. Flamed with antique finish this instrument has a sonorous, deep and bright sound. The darker tone of viol...
Ad Id:39656691
Posted:August 8, 2022
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