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manx (57)
Television Speakers thumbnail image
Detachable speakers from a plasma Pagnor HD television. Pretty good sound, from what I recall. Had planned to use them in a surround sound idea, but ...
Ad Id:18048528
Posted:September 2, 2012
Towel Rack thumbnail image
Ceramic or porcelain (can't tell the difference) towel rack for the bathroom. 3-piece assembly must be affixed to the wall with adhesive or some form ...
Ad Id:32423006
Posted:October 5, 2018
Sylvania Dual Unit Recharger thumbnail image
Includes adaptor and charging station. Not entirely sure what power tool or model this charger corresponds to. Feel free to call, text or e-mail if yo...
Ad Id:32797369
Posted:January 5, 2019
Pewter Flask thumbnail image
Made in Sheffield, England, this flask was severely dented in a move, but has never really been used. You'll look like Doc Holliday, sipping from this...
Ad Id:32802071
Posted:January 6, 2019
4 DVD's thumbnail image
Yep, you get all 4 DVD's for the low price of 10 bucks. Or, if you prefer, 3 dollars each.
Ad Id:33278020
Posted:April 29, 2019
Pressure Washer Accessories thumbnail image
Came across these attachments for my Sistema power washer. Unfortunately, I now have a different wand on my machine, so none of the original attachmen...
Ad Id:33129096
Posted:March 27, 2019
Lost Keys thumbnail image
Several house keys on a silver detachable key ring (matches the one in the photo). One of the keys is brass, while the others are silver. A couple of ...
Ad Id:34446645
Posted:August 4, 2019
Pilates Video Cassettes thumbnail image
Very lightly used VHS cassettes focussing on weight loss and mat workouts. If you still have a VCR or you can convert these to another format, then yo...
Ad Id:34814535
Posted:October 26, 2019
Toyota Scion Key thumbnail image
I've lost a set of keys on a silver detachable key ring around June 3rd. Several keys are on the ring, but the main one is the car key pictured. Like...
Ad Id:35915981
Posted:June 12, 2020
Aerator & Supply line thumbnail image
Just what you've been looking for - flexible aerator for a faucet, and plumbing supply line. 5 bucks each or take both for a cool $8. GFCI plug and ...
Ad Id:36420056
Posted:September 4, 2020
Decorative Bowl thumbnail image
A small, lovely turquoise bowl for use in a variety of ways. Heck, it can even serve as an alien face for Halloween.
Ad Id:36542252
Posted:September 29, 2020
Wine Cooler/Vase thumbnail image
A funky little item that we've used in a variety of ways. It chills bottles nicely, but also serves as a durable vase. Made of thick, durable plastic...
Ad Id:36568227
Posted:October 5, 2020
Vintage Bike Rack thumbnail image
If you like old stuff, then you're gonna love this bicycle rack, bought in 1979 or thereabouts. It holds 2 bikes and comes with original packaging in...
Ad Id:36594672
Posted:October 11, 2020
Switch Plates/Dimmer Switch Knob/Drains thumbnail image
A variety of items left behind from household renos etc. Take your pick from this collection of items, including door stops, a dimmer switch knob, sw...
Ad Id:36706497
Posted:November 2, 2020
Crinkly Cat Play Bag  and Wheel of Fun Toy thumbnail image
Wow! Try to say that 10X really fast! Apparently cats are supposed to love these crinkly bags because they mimic the sound of a paper bag. Unfortunat...
Ad Id:36784343
Posted:November 11, 2020
Pot light thumbnail image
Cleaning out the garage and came upon this pot light. Looks to be in brand new condition, although the packaging is somewhat tattered. Requires a 4.5"...
Ad Id:39484057
Posted:April 12, 2022
Electronic Cables/Cords thumbnail image
A variety of cords and cables up for grabs. Not entirely sure what they are all used for, although a couple of them look like cellphone cords. 5 dolla...
Ad Id:39424527
Posted:March 4, 2022
Black Candelabrum thumbnail image
A lovingly restored decorative piece, suitable for indoors or outside. There are a total of 6 candle holders and 5 angel figurines. This could serve a...
Ad Id:38967624
Posted:June 6, 2021
Justin Bieber CD thumbnail image
Unopened CD. Not really my style, but hey, he's Canadian!
Ad Id:36979955
Posted:January 3, 2021
Badminton Strings thumbnail image
A set of Black Knight strings. Judging from the gauge, I'm thinking they are for a badminton racquet. Still in their original package. Will also inclu...
Ad Id:37062441
Posted:January 28, 2021
Book Light thumbnail image
This powerful little gadget hooks onto your ear when you're reading in the dark. Casts a pretty good glow for such a small light. In original package ...
Ad Id:36971868
Posted:December 31, 2020
The Hunger Games thumbnail image
Never opened merchandise based on the Suzanne Collins trilogy. Take your pick from the Jabberjay Card Game, a District 12 bag clip, or a desk supply s...
Ad Id:36913295
Posted:December 12, 2020
Stop Watch thumbnail image
FVJ stop watch with adjustable lanyard for sale. New battery recently installed, so it should be good to go for a while. Great for sporting events or...
Ad Id:36965828
Posted:December 29, 2020
Brass Fittings thumbnail image
Brass hinges have been sold, but still selling a new door knocker/peep hole in its original packaging. Also, a security chain and clasp. 5 bucks for b...
Ad Id:36962862
Posted:December 28, 2020
Coach Key Chain thumbnail image
Own a piece of history. Well, not really, but it is a nice looking Coach key chain. Once upon a time it was detachable and it could be again if you're...
Ad Id:36846257
Posted:November 25, 2020
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Mark Leischner