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All categories Victoria Area
jharestad (12)
A lot of really good books! thumbnail image
I have hundreds of good quality books for sale. Prefer those who wish to buy several at a time!. Many subjects such as: Anthropology, Psychology, Hist...
Ad Id:39713739
Posted:September 17, 2022
Handmade ULU thumbnail image
Made in Alaska. Genuine antler handle. Blade is super sharp and made from an old sawmill saw. Excellent steel (can't buy this type any longer). Used b...
Victoria Area
Ad Id:37192025
Posted:March 9, 2021
Lenovo thinkpad X120e  laptop 11" screen thumbnail image
Fully refurbished. Never used! Older Windows office. Not sure of all the specs but in excellent condition. New battery & charger
Ad Id:40066538
Posted:May 7, 2023
Marine Consulting, SMS development/implementation thumbnail image
General marine training in seamanship, basic navigation, emergency preparedness, man overboard, fire at sea etc. Does your crew measure up? An evaluat...
Ad Id:36844230
Posted:November 25, 2020
Original framed drawing thumbnail image
Large drawing of a "Honeycomb Rockfish". Have another of a lingcod as well.
Victoria Area
Ad Id:36517273
Posted:September 24, 2020
Antique native woven backpack thumbnail image
Woven wooden lathe and split wood/roots. Good condition for it's age! Origin: Ioncat Tribe, Nevada.
Victoria Area
Ad Id:34632110
Posted:September 13, 2019
Flying Monster! thumbnail image
Hand carved, all wood (some fur and feathers Flying bird dinosaur Totally unique, $85
Ad Id:39072314
Posted:July 29, 2021
Carvings thumbnail image
Large hunting boomerang and Aboriginal club, hardwood hand painted. From Australia circa 1960's. $150 each. Three carved/painted fish $25 each Abstr...
Ad Id:37506923
Posted:April 26, 2021
Alebrije Jaguar (Oaxaca, Mexico): Terra Cotta Plate thumbnail image
Beautifully carved and meticulously painted. A larger example of these Mexican Spirit Animals. Purchased in Oaxaca from the artist. 7" H 9"L 12" Pl...
Ad Id:37504725
Posted:April 26, 2021
30'X50' Heavy Duty Tarpaulin thumbnail image
White in color. Never used. Good quality. These go for over $200 new.
Ad Id:39729692
Posted:September 27, 2022
Buck and Browning thumbnail image
Top quality made in USA in excellent condition. Buck 119V Cocobola wood and brass with sheath $100 Buck 112X with sheath $55
Ad Id:40211374
Posted:July 21, 2023
Limited edition print - Joan Bell-Irving thumbnail image
"Little Red Riding Hood" #15/28. Nicely framed, acid free mat, etc.
Victoria Area
Ad Id:36586413
Posted:October 9, 2020
jharestad profile image
John Harestad