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All categories Victoria Area
Mike_S45740 (87)
Remote Control thumbnail image
Hitec Remote Controls A single Conversion Receiver I have 3 of them So $4O. each They are: CH62, CH65, CH69/77
Ad Id:39891155
Posted:January 9, 2023
Whistler Throw Blanket thumbnail image
Inuksuk Blanket by Lago 60” long x 49” wide I have 2. Both For $35.
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Ad Id:39571691
Posted:June 10, 2022
Non sanded grout thumbnail image
3 mm(1/8”) 90% of box 50% of box One box is Antique White And the other box is White Dove
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Ad Id:39482067
Posted:April 10, 2022
Leather Utility Belt thumbnail image
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Ad Id:39698971
Posted:September 6, 2022
Hot N Silky mini hot iron thumbnail image
Works great
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Ad Id:39747615
Posted:October 8, 2022
No image, showing placeholder.
Bissell Vacuum Cleaner Model: 3003N Comes with new filter Originally Paid $150.
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Ad Id:40758453
Posted:June 12, 2024
Decorative Plate thumbnail image
21.50” long x 6” wide
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Ad Id:39792280
Posted:November 5, 2022
Large Wrench thumbnail image
Large wrench 42” long Has the marking 60 on it
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Ad Id:40017514
Posted:April 6, 2023
Jeans thumbnail image
Women's stretchy jeans Size 29
Victoria Area
Ad Id:33148506
Posted:March 31, 2019
Kodak Camera thumbnail image
Vintage Kodak Camera Model: No. A-116
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Ad Id:37118386
Posted:February 15, 2021
Seattle Mariners Baseball thumbnail image
1981 - 1986 Logo Still in original package
Victoria Area
Ad Id:37120498
Posted:February 16, 2021
Plumbing Parts thumbnail image
PVC tubing with shut off valve - 1 1/2" PVC IPS SWG CKVL - 1 1/2 shut off valves - PVC tubing Total length is 47"
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Ad Id:37156468
Posted:February 27, 2021
Men’s shoes thumbnail image
Black Leather shoes by Stacy Adams Like new Size 63(10.50 M)
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Ad Id:33110918
Posted:March 23, 2019
Womens Shoes thumbnail image
Black Leather Shoes High Heels Style A2 by Aerosoles Size 8 M
Victoria Area
Ad Id:37134632
Posted:February 21, 2021
Wall Paper thumbnail image
By Tres Tintas Pattern: Paul Valderrama 1986-3 Fabrication: 50 Roll Measure: 10 x 52 mts Rapport: 70 cm $45. for both rolls
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Ad Id:39967639
Posted:March 4, 2023
Strainer Basket Assembly thumbnail image
Stainless Steel By Eastman. Model: 30012 New
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Ad Id:40012861
Posted:April 3, 2023
Water Bottles thumbnail image
Army style water bottles Aluminum bottles 8" tall x 5" wide x 3"
Victoria Area
Ad Id:37044570
Posted:January 23, 2021
Placemats thumbnail image
4 Christmas Themed Placemats 15.75" wide x 11.75"
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Ad Id:37045520
Posted:January 23, 2021
1921 Half Penny thumbnail image
1921 Half Penny
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Ad Id:39473508
Posted:April 5, 2022
Blinds thumbnail image
Were custom cut: 36” long x 46.50” wide Slats tilt open. But do not lift up or down New. Never used. White plastic
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Ad Id:39693897
Posted:September 3, 2022
1942 US Penny(1 cent) thumbnail image
1942 US Penny(1 cent)
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Ad Id:39473494
Posted:April 5, 2022
1920 Canadian penny(1 cent) thumbnail image
1920 Canadian penny(1 cent) I also have 1932, 1933, 1935, 1936, 1951
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Ad Id:39473470
Posted:April 5, 2022
Wall Paper thumbnail image
3 rolls….I now have 2 rolls remaining. By Tres Tintas Pattern: Old Skull Vison/Plata 1982/1 24 10 x 0.53 53 cm $40. for both
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Ad Id:39967632
Posted:March 4, 2023
1942 Canadian Nickel(5 cents) thumbnail image
1942 Canadian Nickel(5 cents) I have a few of them.
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Ad Id:39473431
Posted:April 5, 2022
1943 Canadian nickel(5 cents) thumbnail image
1943 Canadian Nickel(5 cents) I have a few of them.
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Ad Id:39473438
Posted:April 5, 2022
Mike_S45740 profile image
Mike Sullivan
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